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Yuliana Bourdin is a cosmopolitan go-getter. Traveling the world since she was 3, she has developed a taste for the unknown that has followed her every step of her life in dining and drinking. Currently living in Houston, you can find her sampling one of the 50 draught beers at Moontower, sipping handcrafted cocktails at Anvil or throwing an immense dinner party with plenty of wine.

Top Pepe drinkmemag.com drink me Tio Pepe Fino

Tio Pepe

Tio Pepe is a pale golden yellow wine that is sharp on the nose with elegant aromas of yeast that are balanced with toasted almond notes typical of the Palomino variety. The vineyards are located in Jerez, which are very unique to the area since the soil is majority Albariza …

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Crusoe Silver Rum drinkmemag.com drink me Crusoe Silver Rum

Crusoe Rum – Expanding Flavor

Repeat after me: organic simply tastes better. Here’s the very scientific reason: when a plant grows organically without artificial fertilizers and pesticides, it encounters more biological stress as it fights for survival, which creates stronger, healthier plants with higher levels of flavonoids and antioxidants for intense flavors and aromas. Since …

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