Many of our memories can be triggered by our senses and as much as we use our sight and hearing for a lot of them, the strongest most subtle ones are those that can send you years down the memory lane and drop you somewhere you forgot existed. David uses those senses of aromas and tastes to his advantage when creating new recipes. He tends to recall memorable moments in his life that are ingrained through olfaction and gustation and he tries to recreate that specific time with a cocktail.

The Holiday Sneak was a result of inspiration that stemmed from one holiday night. David’s parents, as many of our own, used to invite neighbors over for cocktails during Christmas time. By coincidence, the first time David tried whiskey it happened to be Gentleman Jack, which was with eggnog and that taste, he recalls, stayed with him forever. This drink reflects his love for textures with ingredients like heavy whipping cream and milk that give it that rich, frothy feel. The nutmeg and vanilla extract are the cherry on top in The Holiday Sneak as both bring out the Tennessee Whiskey. This drink would be perfect by the fireplace in December but in all honesty, it would be amazing right now too. Excuse me while I go buy some nutmeg.

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