A cocktail walks into a bar and nothing special happens. That’s probably how the joke would go, right? But what if a cocktail walks into a tiki party. Well it can’t just be a regular cocktail anymore. That’s exactly what Kyle does. He takes classic cocktails that he loves and tweaking them a little bit by taking something out, replacing something with another thing and what you get is something splendidly delicious.

For the Gentleman Jack Drink Lab, Kyle’s cocktail of choice was Gentleman’s Glory, the inspiration for which stems from the 1800s. Having an obsession with egg whites and absinthe, they are key ingredients in this drink. The result is a nice, creamy liquid from the egg whites that is complimented by the rush that the absinthe gives your palate. Of course, Gentleman Jack is in the mix as well. After all, who doesn’t like whiskey and even more so, who doesn’t like to talk about whiskey? That’s why Gentleman’s Glory is so perfect because it allows you to have a discussion about what you’re drinking and why it’s so tasty.

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