One unique, rugged flower only found in northern Mexico and Texas inspired Desert Door Texas Sotol. The evergreen sotol, or Desert Spoon, finds peace in the barren, bone-dry expanse of the desert. Like sea urchins, this plant is round and spikey growing up to a whopping 15 feet tall.

Desert Door Texas Sotol is bringing back two Desert Spoon plant spirits to celebrate the opening of their distillery in Austin, Texas. The spirits are only made with three ingredients for maximum taste and high quality: wild sotol, organic yeast, and purified natural Texas water. Original Desert Door Texas Sotol is 80 proof and has an earthy delicious taste with refreshing minty floral tastes and perfect balance of sweetness to make it suitable for all palates. Desert Door Oak-Aged Sotol is 100 proof and more floral than the original. Still with a hint of mint, the Oak-Aged Sotol caresses the taste buds with smoky, oaky vanilla. While tasty and delightful, both are sophisticated and down to earth.