Repeat after me: organic simply tastes better. Here’s the very scientific reason: when a plant grows organically without artificial fertilizers and pesticides, it encounters more biological stress as it fights for survival, which creates stronger, healthier plants with higher levels of flavonoids and antioxidants for intense flavors and aromas. Since 2008, Greenbar Distillery has been fully organic, in order to give their customers the best quality spirits.CRUSOE Silver Rum drink me Greenbar Distillery Campaign

Crusoe Silver Rum is a spirit that will change rum cocktails forever. With simpler and more precise techniques, the Greenbar Distillery team created a lush rum with notes of tropical fruit and a creamy texture. This rum combines Caribbean style molasses distilling with Californian wine fermenting – resulting in a sweet, grassy and supple tipple.

This charismatic rum is perfect combined with bright citrus, herbs, berries and tropical fruit. Bowl of fruit anyone?

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