Famous for its unique flavor, Jägermeister is distinct from any liquor on the market. The exact recipe is still an original family secret, and that paid off for the owners as there is truly nothing like it on the market. This year, however, the original Jägermeister will no longer be alone; they are launching Jägermeister Mainfest, a super-premium liquor to class the spirit up.

Jägermeister Manifest is based on the original secret recipe, but adds additional botanicals to the roots, herbs, and spices that make Jägermeister so distinctive and tasty. The result is a distinguished liquor with a full-bodied mix of flavor. Rich oak, sweet aniseed and dried fruit give way to subtle spices and vanilla. With a slightly higher ABV at 38%, the new offering from Jägermeister is comfortingly familiar and refreshingly bold and will be available in select bars, restaurants, and clubs.