When something is made with love, it is bound to be delicious. Greenbar Distillery is a product built of exactly that, between two people who shared a common passion and a common love for one another. They are Melkon Khosrovian and Litty Mathew.

In 2004, Melkon was inspired to create infused spirits that his then-fiancée Litty would find palatable – a tall task given that she is a trained chef and acclaimed food writer. Through relentless research and experimentation, the two began to innovate the art of extracting and capturing clean, rich flavors from organic ingredients. The rest was history and today they produce an incredible selection of the world’s most organic spirits.IXA ReposadoTequila 2 drinkmemag.com drink me Greenbar Distillery Campaign

Speaking of two things that go so well side by side, what happens when you combine artisan tequila-making processes with newer West Coast wine-making techniques? Ixá Reposado, that’s what. It’s the traditional tequila techniques that bring out those robust flavors, while the distinct oak and ex-rye barrel aging creates a unique velvety finish.

The result? A fantastic tequila without the burn. Ixá Reposado has a graceful balance of ripe agave, spiced cedar wood and a mellow texture that gives it a buttery caramel finish. It’s really never too early for a margarita, is it?IXA ReposadoTequila Bottle Shot drinkmemag.com drink me Greenbar Distillery Campaign

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