In the final episode of season 2, host Leiti Hsu and Sommelier Caleb Ganzer visit one of Brooklyn’s treasured hidden gems, Petite Crevette. For almost 40 years Petite Crevette has been a neighborhood staple for lively conversation, impossibly fresh and delicious seafood and the notable and notorious personality and commitment to quality of Chef and owner Neal Ganic.

Leiti and her dinner partners feast on a wide selection of exquisitely prepared seafood and a fresh red Bordeaux from Bordeaux Supérieur, Château Massereau. Caleb explains how the unlikely combination of a red wine and fish can be genuinely complimentary as the juicy fruity notes in the wine pull on the smokiness and complex flavors in the seafood.

Watch here to see the full selection and to hear Chef Ganic comment on the infamous lobster throwing incident: