Historical Cerveceria Mexicana, which is in Tecate, about 30 miles east of Tijuana in Baja California, is home to another delicious beer. Together with the other beers in the Day of the Dead Beer range, Queen of the Night Pale Ale is very popular with big Mexican restaurants and joints in the UK such as Chiquito, Chilango and Tortilla. Cerveceria Mexicana is the third largest brewery in Mexico and it holds a large number of contract brewing such as Mexicali, Trader Jose Mexican lagers and Ed Hardy beers.

The 4.8% ABV beer’s aroma is a heady blend of malt, caramel, fruit, nuts and woody tones. The palate is packed with soft, light bitter woody and hoppy notes that go perfectly alongside caramel and nuts. With a medium-body, a satin texture and light carbonation, Queen of the Night boasts a deliciously dry and malty finish. It’s a fantastic beer to drink on any occasion so next time you’re wandering the beer aisles, look for that distinct label and another plus? The caps are twist off! Enjoy the ease.

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