Oxford is all grown up! With the first legal distillery open, there are going to be amazing sustainable spirits made right in Oxford. The distillery will be producing gin, absinthe, vodka, and rye whiskey. The Oxford Artisan Distillery (TOAD) prides itself in producing environmentally friendly products using self-sourced materials. The diverse and unique grains are farmed in the fields of Oxford without using any chemicals because of the studies concluding harmfulness of these chemicals towards the body and environment. TOAD is manufacturing organic ingredients for their alcohol and vowing to be eco-friendly in the process.

Instead of using stills imported from Germany, TOAD has created their very own two stills to focus on the craft of distilling. TOAD is putting their heart and soul into their passions of distilling. They care for each and every ingredient and process that comes into playing a part in creating tasteful spirits.