Tio Pepe is a pale golden yellow wine that is sharp on the nose with elegant aromas of yeast that are balanced with toasted almond notes typical of the Palomino variety. The vineyards are located in Jerez, which are very unique to the area since the soil is majority Albariza – a white soil which contains up to 60% chalk. Therefore, Jerez has a large capacity for maintaining moisture. The overall unique microclimate is influenced by the surrounding Atlantic Ocean and rivers Guadalquivir and Guadalete.

The Palomino grapes are pressed using pneumatic Wilmes presses so they are able to obtain the highest quality must and only the ‘mosto yema’ the free run and first press must is used for the wine. Due to the unique temperature and humidity, a layer of yeast known as ‘flor’ will form on the surface of wine, which protects it from oxygen and provides the unique aroma and character. Tio Pepe is best served very chilled in a small white wine glass in order to experience the full bouquet of aromas. Pair it with some olives, cheese or some seafood and relax on a nice summer day.

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