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At Drink Me, we believe in showcasing the best of the best, which is why every now and again we’ll invite ‘special guests’ to write about something close to their heart. Whether it’s world renowned chefs, winemakers, mixologists or that guy called Bob down the road who knows how to do that cool trick with the cocktail glass… we’re on it.

If you have a story you think is worth a mention on the site and would like to contribute as a special guest, hit us up: editorial@drinkmemag.com


Vintage Velvet Vodka

With a smooth taste and full of aroma Vintage Velvet comes from double distilled Chardonnay grape juice. Gabriella Thorpe, the creator and sole owner of Vintage Velvet, recognized the strong demand for wine in England and put her own unique twist on this demand by creating Vintage Velvet in 2015. …

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