With a smooth taste and full of aroma Vintage Velvet comes from double distilled Chardonnay grape juice. Gabriella Thorpe, the creator and sole owner of Vintage Velvet, recognized the strong demand for wine in England and put her own unique twist on this demand by creating Vintage Velvet in 2015.

With an incredibly  distinctive flavour, which makes it the first of its kind in England, the double distilled sugar-beet vodka is produced in small batches and is enhanced with East Anglian grapes and caramel undertones. Vintage Velvet hits all the right notes and can easily be drank straight and chilled or mixed in a cocktail. It also pairs with Rose Lemonade or Wild Elderflower. Vintage Velvet can be bought for £42.00 and can be found at retailers such as Master of Malt, The Fine Spirits Company, The Drink Shop and Planet of the Grapes to buy online.

*Currently seeking National and International distribution.