In 2015, a team of beer lovers were suffering from “fear of missing out” due to the San Francisco traffic. Sitting bumper to bumper caused them to miss out on the slew of amazing local breweries popping up all over the area. Wouldn’t it be nice to experience the awesome taste of those new beers from various locations and connect with other beer lovers online? Well with the birth of Hopsy, now you can. At Hopsy, their mission is to make fresh local beer more accessible than before by ordering the beer directly from the local brewery and having it delivered to your home.

Have you ever heard of a device that sits between a Keurig and Kegerator? With Hopsy’s newest edition, the Hometap, now you have. You can order order 2 liters of beer delivered to your door. Why order 2 liters? It stays fresh for up to 15 days after you tap it. The Hometap protects the beer from air and light, keeping the quality and taste as fresh as ever. This simple set up allows you to open the bottle, slot it into the Hometap, connect a tube from bottle to tap, and let it refrigerate your beer. When completed prepare yourself for the perfect pour!

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