It’s a quiet street – one of few that you will find in between Union Square and the trendy Chelsea neighborhood, but one of many that you will find the further you go into Greenwich Village. The site is nondescript (in a good way – the best way), other than dark french doors and windows – a set of few that you will find in Manhattan (and that you can actually go into without a signed lease and a key) – and an under-the-radar small sign swinging above. As there is no ground floor, you must descend to the lower level, where the Walker Hotel lobby hides with plush seating, ornate rugs and pleasantly-lit ceilings that are framed in dark wood. Past the seating on the left, a hostess is happy to welcome you to Society Cafe – your new favorite restaurant and bar in the city where your night will either begin with a bang or end with a pleasant sigh.Space Image 3 drink me Society Piece

The aqua, bronze and timber design is apparent as you enter the comforting restaurant, here bartenders know exactly what you want to order – even when you don’t. Verdant spruces accompany the wood interiors along with the modest skylight, which offers just enough to remind you that the world is, indeed, still turning.

Big or small party, drinks or a meal (or both), Society Cafe is a quiet and promising respite amid a very popular area. When visiting, be sure to browse the cocktail menu and the liquors on offer. For a sweet and light citrus-based cocktail, try the Violet Gin Fizz made with Hendrick’s gin, creme de violette, lemon and heavy cream (yes – heavy cream). The cocktail is smooth and the citrus and gin linger as a pleasant reminder of the cocktail.Violet Gin Fizz drink me Society Piece

For those looking to cool down during the warm NYC months, we suggest the New York Sour, which is a refreshing take on the classic whiskey sour. The cocktail is made with red wine, four rose bourbon and lemon for a simple and fresh taste. Served on the rocks – naturally.Society Sour drink me Society Piece

Tequila lovers should go for The Dixie Hummingbird. The concoction is made with Tromba Tequila Reposado, grapefruit, lime, jalapeño, honey and celery bitters and served in a highball glass. While The Dixie Hummingbird is great as it is, we suggest ordering the cocktail with mezcal rather than tequila for a smoky finish that goes great with the jalapeño.

Lastly, the best cocktail is one that you haven’t even thought of. The minds behind the mixing and stirring can create anything you never knew you wanted. If you don’t know what you’re in the mood for, just tell the bartender (hopefully you’re talking to Victor) your choice of spirit for the night and what genre you’re feeling: sweet or sour, mild or spicy, comforting or adventurous. Keep an open mind and you can’t go wrong.

At Society Cafe, come for the light and comforting ambiance, and moreover, the brilliant minds behind the bar and kitchen. After, be sure to tell your friends about your new favorite bar in Manhattan.