Nautical Gin, the first product of Vertical Spirits is making its debut. This debut is only slated for the East Coast and more specifically Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Florida, and Georgia. The quadruple distilled gin made in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts is the first spirit from the young company and minds behind the Vertical Spirits company. The trio of highly respected professionals behind the brand: Ken Siegel, Jon Stilianos and Donnie White are also the founders of Synergy Dining Company and decided with Vertical Spirits they wanted to embody “Spirit of Adventure” with their premium spirits. Nautical Gin attempts to do exactly that by creating a super smooth gin with the use of 15 unique ingredients, the first of which is a rare coastal botanical giving a hint of sea salt to the citrusy gin. Other ingredients in the mix are coriander, lemongrass, elderberry, spearmint and allspice to name only a few. The bottle is a beautiful aquamarine in a simplistically elegant form with a rose gold capsule. In order to truly connect with the Spirit of Adventure the bottle is designed with a flat back in order to rest securely on any boat or seafaring vessel.