Want the easiest way to create a memorable cocktail? Grab a classic spirit infused with a surprising new taste. With the resurgence of gin as a popular base for craft cocktails, the following are great options to make your concoction stand out from the crowd.

OsCo Automatic Sea-Gin

Fans of the dirty martini will be on board for this sea-centric offering from the Bay Area. Crafted with actual nori, this briny beverage could be the hard liquor answer for a favorite coastal goody – oysters.

Price range: $30 – 35

Journeyman Distillery Bilberry Black Hearts Gin

The bilberry takes top billing in this small batch gin out of Michigan. Never heard of a bilberry? Sound like a nonsensical creation akin to Willy Wonka’s snozzberries? Turns out, the bilberry is a darker, intensely flavored relative of the blueberry, most often found in Europe. The bilberry may have escaped an appearance in your average produce aisle, thanks to being notoriously difficult to grow. Luckily, you can experience the bilberry’s flavor manifest itself as notes of fig, pepper, and licorice in this organic craft spirit.

Price range: $25 – 38

Zephyr Gin with Elderberry

If bilberry piqued your interest, but you just can’t get enough berry flavor – we turn to Zephyr. Hailing from England, home of the most classic examples of traditional gin, Zephyr is anything but. Intentionally veering away from the limitations of your average gin botanicals, this gin’s intense fruity aromas will hit you immediately upon opening the bottle. Zephyr is a fun option for mixing up your standard gin repertoire, and a surefire way to please even the non-gin fans in your life.

Price: $36.99

Darnley’s View Spiced Gin

Keep this selection in your back pocket for the holiday season. This Scottish gin combines 9 spices more commonly associated with dark liquors, including warming fall and winter favorites like nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon and cloves. It makes for the perfect Christmas cocktail, or enjoying a heartening glass of cheer year-round!

Price: $31 – 34


An unusual name and unusual color hint that there may be more than your everyday ingredients in this Canadian variety of gin. Sipping on Ungava will award you a real sense of place. Honoring the traditions of the Inuits, this fluorescent yellow liquor gets its distinct color and flavor from 6 botanicals sourced from the unique arctic climate of the northern Canadian tundra. It’s a conversation piece as well as a striking addition to liven up your bar cart.

Price: $34.99