I love Colorado and I love drinking whiskey.” We’ll drink to that. In an industry loaded with maniacal marketing maneuvers it’s refreshing to encounter such a genuine vision like that of distilling veteran Jess Graber. His just launched TINCUP American Whiskey is a rugged blend of midwestern rye, corn and malt cut with pure Rocky Mountain water and aged in American white oak casks. That’s about as American as whiskey gets. As you might guess based on its provenance,  TINCUP honors Colorado’s first whiskey drinkers, the pioneering, hardscrabble miners who sought their fortunes in the state’s gold rush. Named after an old mining town in Gunnison County, Colo., which itself was named for the tin cups used by miners, TINCUP is sealed with an actual tin cup that can be used for sipping and sharing. While some of those miners were luckier than others, we can only imagine the brotherhood of sipping whiskey against a backdrop of the awe-inspiring Rockies, was all that mattered at the end of the day. And really, isn’t that how life should be?