Zak Henderson

About the Author Zak Henderson

Zak is a musician and whiskey enthusiast living in Seattle, Washington. He prefers a peaty scotch, but tends to dip into other liquors, depending on the occasion. You can find Zak enjoying a beer alongside a game of pool after a long day, sipping wine on the porch with his guitar, or ticking away at his desk with some gin on ice. Having recently moved from Arizona, Zak seeks constantly to expand his horizons—in both the drink and the wonders of the world.


Can You Add A CBD Product To Your Drink?

As CBD continues to become popular with natural health enthusiasts, manufacturers have also come up with new ways to market the product. CBD was previously only available as oils and tinctures, but people can now also buy it in the form of gummies, edibles, vape juices, capsules, and topicals. If …

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