As CBD continues to become popular with natural health enthusiasts, manufacturers have also come up with new ways to market the product. CBD was previously only available as oils and tinctures, but people can now also buy it in the form of gummies, edibles, vape juices, capsules, and topicals.

If you’re a CBD fan yourself, you may already have a preferred CBD product as your go-to favorite when you need it. Although you may be generally satisfied with it, there could be times when you want to use CBD differently than what you’re used to.

For instance, if you feel like being a little creative in the kitchen, you may wonder whether CBD can be added to your food or drinks. The simple answer is yes, it can, but you must take note of a few guidelines to ensure that you’ll be maximizing its effects.

Preparing CBD-Infused Drinks: Some Guidelines

Because products like THC-infused alcohol are now in the market, it’s common for CBD enthusiasts to wonder whether there are CBD-infused drinks as well. As of now, there aren’t any official products yet, but fortunately, it’s easy enough to try making them at home.

The general rule when adding CBD oil to food or drinks is to add it when you’re in the last steps of the recipe. This is especially necessary when you’re adding it to something hot, as heat can reduce CBD’s potency.

Increasing CBD’s Absorption Rate

It’s worth noting that CBD is hydrophobic, meaning it behaves chemically like oil. As such, it doesn’t mix well with water.

Additionally, adding CBD to a drink can reduce its bioavailability. This means that you won’t feel its effects as quickly compared to when you consume it sublingually.

A workaround for this is pairing CBD with fatty acids. For instance, if you plan to drink coffee, you can add CBD to coconut oil or organic butter to improve cannabinoid absorption. If you’re adding milk to your coffee, that would also work since milk has fats.

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The Effects Of Adding CBD To Different Beverages

With a variety of CBD products to try from, it’s easy to pick one that will go well with your favorite drinks. Although consuming CBD-infused beverages is a great way to get your daily dose of CBD, it’s recommended to learn how CBD interacts with various types of drinks.

Listed below are the most common beverages that people add CBD to:

  • CBD + Tea

If you’re looking for a way to manage your stress levels, adding CBD to tea is highly recommended. It’s especially helpful if you’ve just come home from a busy day at work, because both tea and CBD contain powerful antioxidants.

As a result, not only does this combination improve your digestion, but it also boosts heart health, and skin health. It also helps reduce your anxiety, which is great when you want to relax.

  • CBD + Coffee

Many people drink coffee in the morning to help them feel alert during the day. However, the problem with caffeine is that it can lead to jitters, especially if you consume more than you can handle.

Fortunately, the cannabinoids in CBD prove to be the perfect way to counter the jitters of caffeine. Keep in mind, however, that heat can reduce the effectiveness of cannabinoids. Hence, make sure that you add CBD to your coffee after it’s brewed.

  • CBD + Alcohol

This combination is a little more interesting, since both substances can help the user feel relaxed, albeit in different ways. Studies suggest that adding CBD to alcohol can lower blood alcohol levels, but perhaps, what’s more important is that it can actually amplify the effects of both.

Thus, if you’re having a hard time sleeping at night, the CBD + alcohol combination might work because it increases sedation. Combined with CBD’s relaxation properties, your body will naturally just want to head off to dreamland shortly after drinking a mug.

  • CBD + Smoothie

For those who have already been consuming smoothies for breakfast, adding CBD to them can make its health benefits more powerful. With various fruits and vegetables in the mix, there’s a reason why smoothies are called superfoods in the first place.

Adding CBD can make your smoothie more “super”. Blend your smoothie for around 15 seconds to ensure that the CBD is well-integrated.

CBD-Infused Drinks Can Be A Fun Way To Consume CBD

CBD consumption doesn’t have to be monotonous. Sometimes, you can spice things up a bit by putting some CBD into your favorite drinks. Before you do so, however, make sure that you follow the CBD infusion guidelines to derive the maximum benefits from its usage.