Portland is a city of many treasures, one of them being locally made Wild Roots Vodka. Crafted by natives of the Pacific Northwest, the fruit infused into these vodkas is 100% local and natural. By using a filtration system that mimics a natural one, and utilizing Oregon lava rock to its full advantage, these vodkas are about as smooth as they come. Each vodka is filtered through 5 cylinders and the lava rock used is sourced from the Central Oregon mountain range and replaced every 30 days.

Each bottle of Wild Roots is infused with a specific local fruit, giving it a distinctive taste, color, and feel. The fruit comes from Oregon’s fertile Willamette Valley. The label of each bottle has a to-scale map of Oregon, a sweet homage to the place Wild Roots was born. Wild Roots is best enjoyed on an adventure, where the drinker can truly experience the pioneer spirit of this drink.


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