As the name slyly seeps into your memory, your senses detect the most agreeable and pure essence of flavor. Pardon the obvious, but really there is no other way to properly describe the line up of pürspirits. As the name implies, the unique liqueurs and geists really do exude clarity, freshness and undiluted fruit, flowers, berries, herbs and spices. Even the most discriminating critic ill-disposed to liqueurs might question their predisposed opinion. Kiki Braverman, founder of pür•spirits and a third generation artisan distiller from a remote village in southern Germany, is a master of harmony- weaving Bavarian tradition with German perfectionism and nature’s whimsy. She has thoughtfully blended centuries-old artisan methods of distillation from Europe with a very current view on fresh, local ingredients. The result is pure finesse in a bottle. Drink straight as an aperitif, or incorporate into a sophisticated and thought-provoking cocktail. Prost!