From luxurious, rare bottlings crafted by well-known names, to tiny, passion-fueled niche products pushed to market by perseverance, the 2014 Drink Me Magazine Elite 150 singles out the 150 most exciting and memorable beers, wines and spirits from the past year. Led by Brian Freedman, Drink Me Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, the team of editors have sipped, sniffed, swirled, spit and at many times, savored, their way through a year’s worth of products in order find and single out the best. The inaugural Elite 150 celebrates ambitious bottles that are making a statement at all price levels, regardless of market familiarity. There are simply too many compelling libations out there to succumb to habit. We’d love to hear your experiences and feedback on the list. Give us a shout at #drinkme150.

View the entire Drink Me Magazine Elite 150 list online or Download to save for future buying guidance. If you start right now, we’ve got you covered for the next 150 drinks. Cheers!