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As wine & spirits enthusiasts, it’s a precarious line we walk between connoisseur and snob. Admittedly, we relish those moments sipping Single Malt, Grand Cru & Vintage potables- but our true pleasure comes from discovering the lesser known, humble potions, rich with history. One such pleasure is Amaro Lucano, an Italian herbal liqueur that is commonly sipped as an after dinner digestif, but has gained popularity in the U.S. as a multi-dimensional mixologist secret. Amaro, Italian for bitter is traditionally made by infusing grape brandy with a secret, proprietary mix of herbs, flowers, aromatic bark, citrus peel and spices—a blend that can include anything from cardamom to elderberry flowers. Amaro Lucano’s roots go back to 1894 in the tiny village of Pisticci, of the Lucania region in the province of Matera where Pasquale Vena created a special recipe in the backroom of his famous cookie bakery, which is still a well-kept secret today. Silky like a liqueur; both bitter and sweet in varying degrees; aromatically complex; and quite simply: delicious and fascinating.

*Drink Me Magazine Review 94/100
A sophisticated exploration of over 30 herbs, the scent of sultana, dried lavender, fennel, and cola funnel through the nose while sweet herbs and black tea unwind on the palate.  Enjoy this neat, chilled, or with some citrus zest. –JA