Lynn Mueting

About the Author Lynn Mueting

Lynn is a Senior Marketing Consultant, Writer and a travel, art, food & wine enthusiast. She holds a Level 3 Award in Wine & Spirits from the WSET and champions a non-pretentious attitude toward most things, especially wine. Though born and raised in California, Lynn currently enjoys living in the nexus of creativity and the world of wine in London.


Getting Bubbly With Crémant 

Whether you call it bubbly, sparkling or fizz, when the unmistakable sound of that cork pops, there will be smiles and celebration all around.  However, not all fizz is created equal. The queen of all that sparkles, of course, is French Champagne. As we know, other countries have their own …

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Raw Wine Logo – photographer credit Tom Moggach drink me RAW Wine

A Fair To Remember: RAW WINE

Photo credit: Tom Moggach Natural Wine is not new; it’s been around since, well, since the beginning of wine. Strictly natural wines are farmed organically, bio-dynamically and created without adding or removing anything in the process. They do not have additives and intervention in the fermentation process is minimal. It’s makers claim that …

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