One thing that the wines of France are well known for is adhering to tradition. However, G.H. Mumm’s Chef de Caves, Didier Mariotti is something of a disrupter (and an occasional DJ, so I’m told) in the Champagne world. It’s no surprise that his latest release is a bit unique.

The Limited Edition 6 cuvee retains all the Mumm trademark quality of maturity and richness but defies aging norms with a fresh attitude. Typically, NV Champagnes spend between 1-3 years on the lees (and Mumm’s is no exception), but Mariotti has challenged convention by leaving his special edition 6 years on the lees and 6 months in the bottle (hence the bold number “6” on the label).

This is an extremely quaffable Champagne made from 70% Pinot Noir with a touch of Chardonnay for minerality and the liqueur dosage from wine aged 8 months in oak barrels. This combined with the additional time on the lees has assured that Mumm’s Limited Edition 6 is complex with fine nucleation (bubbles) and a delightful blend of flavours like vanilla, almonds, dried apricot and toasted brioche.

It is currently available exclusively at Searcy’s restaurants and events catering (UK), but, keep an eye out for it elsewhere soon.