Produced by Araldica Castelvero in partnership with a Gavi specialist and made with grapes from the Santa Seraffa estate in the Piedmont region of Southern Italy, this is one of the finest examples of Gavi on the market. The wine makers behind this special blend brought all of their talents together for the single focus of crafting a one of a kind Gavi. The result is a truly special vino that will have you savoring every sip. It is made from Cortese grapes, a white grape variety that is known for the crisp, lime scented quality and grassy aromas it attributes to wine. After a gentle pressing process the wine is then refined in steel tanks for around 15-20 days before aging for an additional three months to develop its flavor. Resulting in a wine that is simple, yet deliciously complex.

The wine itself is a pleasing pale-yellow color in the glass. Notes of ripe pineapple and pear are present on the nose. Over all there is full bodied flavor, with slight notes of citrus on the finish.  It serves as an excellent aperitif or complements fish based and pasta dishes. So spend a night in and cook up an authentic Italian meal that you can elevate to the next level by paring with this delicious and uniquely distinctive wine.