In the cold of the London winter sometimes it is hard to find a place that can warm yourself on the inside and out. But if you’ve ever wanted to kick back with a neat bourbon inside of an American hunting lodge, now is your chance and you don’t even need to travel to the States. The East London pub The Ten Bells is bringing true American flavor across the pond and they want you to jump on the opportunity. As the London winter churns on, Ten Bells is transporting some warmth from the American south teaming up with none other than Kentucky’s own Wild Turkey.

Popping up in Spitalfields, The Wild Turkey Lodge is not only bringing its world-renowned bourbon to London, it is also coming fully equipped with all of the comforts of a traditional hunting lodge. Dressed to the nines with leather seating situated behind wooden tables this lodge has everything, including taxidermy, birch bark candles, and Walter the resident Wild Turkey. And when you aren’t warming yourself by the fire, you can warm your insides with delicious Wild Turkey and the Lodge’s Wild Turkey 101 bourbon inspired menu. Each drink is based around that classic rich bold flavor that imbibers have come to expect from Wild Turkey 101.

A hunting lodge wouldn’t be complete without the offering of meats and The Wild Turkey Lodge is no different. Patrons can choose festive sharing boards to enjoy with their Wild Turkey, consisting of cured meats, cheeses, and vegetable boards for the non-meat eaters visiting the Lodge. Each board can be paired with a different mixed drink curated by specialists working in the Lodge. Whether it’s the classic Wild Turkey 101 Old Fashioned, the French Old Fashioned, which has added Cognac, or the Pendennis Club, named after the private members’ club that invented the drink that has added orange and cherries, you will leave the Lodge more than satisfied. Only the folks at Ten Bells and Wild Turkey could cook up a pairing this genius, but it won’t be around for long. Make sure that you grab your hunting gear and make a trip or two out to the Lodge. The Wild Turkey Lodge at Ten Bells is open from 5pm-12am every day through the end of March.

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