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Giuseppe (Joe) Fricano is a writer and editor living in Columbus, Ohio, where he works in a library. He enjoys being surrounded by books, getting involved with local music and arts events, wallowing in existential dread, and having a generous pour of Scotch whisky in good company.

Gin Q&A drink me Gin Q&A

The Mark of the Craft: Why Gin?

Since its birth as an evolution of Dutch jenever, Gin has been a popular spirit due to its strong flavor, accessibility, and affordability. The spirit experienced an amazing surge in popularity in the early 16th century in England because it was unregulated while important spirits – such as French brandy …

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iKettle drink me iKettle

Smart and Savvy: iKettle

It’s a chilly autumn morning, and your eyes slowly pry open, unforgiving that you’ve made them wake up for your 9:00 a.m. shift at the office. You roll over and check your phone. Two texts from your mother with too many emojis, and one Instagram notification letting you know that …

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Mirabeau La Folie Rose drink me Mirabeau

Mirabeau La Folie Rosé

Despite Stephen Cronk’s success in the international telecoms business, he could never escape his passion for wine, one that developed over eight years of working in the industry right after university. The dream wafting in the clouds was to move to France with his wife Jeany and their children to …

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