It’s a chilly autumn morning, and your eyes slowly pry open, unforgiving that you’ve made them wake up for your 9:00 a.m. shift at the office. You roll over and check your phone. Two texts from your mother with too many emojis, and one Instagram notification letting you know that someone you don’t like has updated their story. You put down your phone, roll over, and ask your Amazon Echo to start the iKettle as you climb out of bed and head for the bathroom. By the time you’re finished, the kettle is piping hot for your morning tea.

Firebox’s iKettle boasts full smart-home functionality, as IFTTT integration allows it to sync easily with your other smart devices. You can even set your iKettle to boil from anywhere in the world via the SmarterCloud in the free SmarterApp. The iKettle boasts customizable temperature options, and Wake-up and Home modes for starting your day and returning home from work. Sleek and silver, the iKettle’s third generation offers an efficient and convenient way to have your tea ready as easily as possible, anytime, from anywhere.

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