Despite Stephen Cronk’s success in the international telecoms business, he could never escape his passion for wine, one that developed over eight years of working in the industry right after university. The dream wafting in the clouds was to move to France with his wife Jeany and their children to start their own winery. When the opportunity presented itself, they took the plunge, sold their home, and headed for a small village called Cotignac, situated comfortably in the heart of Provence. One year later they would open Mirabeau in order to make rosé wine of which the region could be proud.

Enter the Mirabeau La Folie Rosé, a new contender in their wine lineup. Made in the Prosecco method, this striking ballet-pink rosé offers fragile scents of strawberry and raspberry on the nose, with whiffs of gooseberry and blackcurrant dancing on the breath. The finish is long, as red berry, grapefruit, and hints of spice settle in a comfortable mouthfeel. Whether served as an aperitif or with a selection of Mediterranean cuisine, the La Folie Rosé sips with familiarity, as if a friendly reminder that change can cleanse both the palate and the soul.

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