Though Lindsay and Karl Bond may be in charge of Forest Gin’s distilling, bottling, sales, and shipping, their daughter Harriet is the boss. In charge of all foraging ventures, Hattie knows where to seek out the best and ripest bilberries and raspberries that go in the blend of botanicals and fruits to make their Earl Grey Forest Gin.

Nestled in a small city in Cheshire, England, the Bond family produces their craft gin in small batches of 80-85 bottles. The family uses a lovely mixture of foraged and sourced ingredients that are then blended with forest spring water in order to create a spirit that meets their standards for the highest quality. Quinteasenntial (a loose leaf tea company based in Cheshire) provides a custom tea blend for the Earl Grey Forest Gin made with oolong and Italian bergamot, lending vanilla and citrus notes to the gin’s graceful flavors of juniper berries, coriander seed, and foraged berries and wildflowers. Finally, this aromatic gin comes to rest in bespoke porcelain bottles decorated with locally commissioned artwork.

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