Few could gaze upon the iconic S.Pellegrino bottle and not recognize it, yet the water’s history is rarely noticed with the same reverence. Founded in 1899, the Sanpellegrino Company quickly became a name associated with the most aristocratic events in Europe. S.Pellegrino mineral water spread its way across the largest cities in Europe to Australia, the brand becoming a staple for high-end dining throughout the following century. Now in 2017, partnered with Harvey Nichols, S.pellegrino offers the opportunity to experience a taste of Italy through the Itineraries of Taste, a series of fine dining experiences hosted by a variety of Michelin Star winning chefs.

From July through September, Claude Bosi of Bibendum, Chris Denney of 108 Garage, Lee Westcott of Typing Room, Marianne Lumb of Marianne, and Elizabeth Allen of Pidgin, will create inspired, bespoke menus, featuring their own individual interpretations of Itineraries of Taste, paired, of course, with S. Pellegrino mineral water. Held at the Harvey Nichols Terraces in Knightsbridge and Edinburgh, diners are offered the opportunity to experience warm, Mediterranean cuisine that evokes the feeling of lounging on the Italian coast in summer, the salty breeze drifting by, and the crystal waters lapping at their feet.

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