Known specifically for their exquisite line of small batch tequilas, Casa Dragones knows a thing or two about preparing the perfect tequila and a cocktail to go alongside it. While it’s easy enough to find a Casa Dragones bottle for purchase, it’s a completely different experience to step into the Casa Dragones Tasting Room. Located within the historic Dôce 18, the tasting room is designed to completely transport those who wish for a more intimate session with Casa Dragones tequila.

Sip not only tequila, but also a wide array of specially crafted cocktails meant to pull out all the strengths of each Casa Dragones tequila. Enjoy your tipple whilst also learning about the terroir and processes that go into the final sipping product. If you’re not convinced a visit should be in your future, you should know Casa Dragones Tasting Room did receive a 2017 Special Mention for Hospitality– Bars & Nightclubs for the Architizer’s A+ Awards Honoring the Best Architecture, Spaces, & Products.

To ensure you maximize your time, book your reservation for a comprehensive tasting of Casa Dragones Joven Sipping Tequila and Casa Dragones Blanco. You’ll also be able to choose dates based on when the resident mixologist will be available for craft cocktail tastings. Send your request now:

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