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Highland Black 8 Year Old Scotch Whisky drinkn me Aldi Whiskey

Everyman’s Whisky: Aldi

Whoever coined the phrase good things don’t come cheap, clearly never had the opportunity to experience one of Aldi’s—yes, Aldi’s—own label whisky.  Over a century ago, Aldi was first established as a local supermarket in Essen, Germany. When in 1946, brothers Karl and Theo Albrecht developed their mothers store into …

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Bursting Bubbles drink me Bursting Bubbles Book

Must Read: Bursting Bubbles

Hitting bookshelves in the United States earlier this year was Bursting Bubbles, a novel that explores the history of the champagne industry and its illustrious makers.  The title’s dual pun and alliteration is only a preview when it comes to the author, Rob Walters’, literary prowess.  Walters, who has a …

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Cima Serodoli 2 drink me Mezza di Mezzacorona

The Mezza Experience

If you think about it, our entire lives can be measured in wine.  From the time we spend enjoying a glass, to the months, weeks, days or moments before the next glass is poured. In Italian, “Mezza” is the word for this intangible “in-betweeness.” The Mezza Di Mezzacorona, a sparkling …

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