There is an appropriate wine for every occasion: weddings, birthday parties or simply with a meal. To celebrate this year’s Summer Solstice you might want to have a glass of Rosé in hand.  Perhaps one that is a soft ballet slipper pink in color, with a bow elegantly printed on the label? Maybe a Rosé that exudes aromas of fresh fruit: strawberries, watermelon or raspberries, to name a few? The Chloe Wine Collection’s new Central Coast Rosé is so much more than its classic presentation and sweet fragrance.

This new release comes to you from Winemaker, Georgetta Dane.  Back in 1998 Dane, her husband and their newborn child left their homeland Romania behind in pursuit of the American dream.  As her English improved, Dane’s passion and knowledge of all things wine, furthered her professional career until she took over the Chloe Wine Collection, molding the brand into what it is today. The Rosé is now launched following its successful limited release.  The natural acidity and surprisingly creamy aftertaste are just what you need to welcome the new season and beat the heat.