In 2016, longtime friends Harris Derner and Michael Belicose founded Brine Brothers and began their vocational partnership, marketing premium, specially made pickle juice.  You could say that the three pillars of brotherhood—trust, respect and love—an exhausting search for the perfect complement to whisky, and a mutual love for pickles are what led Harris and Michael to launch their unique company.  It goes without saying that Brine Brothers does not market run-of-the-mill, grocery store pickle juice. There are three different flavors that come to you in a 750 ml bottle: Classic Dill, Chili Cherry Fire, and Brinelicious B&B (Bread and Butter).

Classic Dill is good old-fashioned pickle juice re-imagined with a smooth and refreshing relish.  Chili Cherry Fire has all the essence of pickle juice but with a hint of hot red pepper that gently rocks the sweet vinegar-based brine.  The B&B, as its name suggests, is salty and subtly sweet, pairing nicely with white meats. But Brine Brothers offers more than just pickle-back shots or a primo whisky chaser.  Each brine flavor can enhance an ordinary cocktail from Bloody Mary’s to Dill Martini’s to an edgy whisky sour.  The possibilities are endless.  Try it as a marinade, pickle your own veggies, or enjoy it after a workout (fun fact: pickle brine has 10 times more electrolytes than sports drinks).  For all of the funky and inventive ways to brine up your lifestyle, take the plunge and buy a bottle or three.

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