A classic drink serves a certain standard of excellence—excellence in memorability and power. Cousins, Nicholas Browne and Tim Walker, are bringing back a most deserving classic with their timely re-launch of Nicholson Gin, one of London’s oldest and most celebrated brands. First founded back in 1736, the company gained momentum in the nineteenth century and maintained its glamorous reputation until gin production ceased in the early 1980’s. As direct descendants of the original Nicholson family, Browne and Walker have a vested interest in honoring their family’s rich history. The great gin that once served King and country is refashioned from a different generation, for today’s consumers to enjoy.

What’s in the mix: ten botanicals seamlessly blend together. Juniper berries, licorice, citrus peels, and angelica root are only some of the flavors that leap off the palate. A final hint of spice adds to the complex and refreshing finish. There was a time back in the 1920’s and 30’s when Nicholson Gin was an essential ingredient in many cocktails. So now in 2017, Browne and Walker are traveling back in time to modernize old family recipes. The classic Gin and Tonic is enhanced with a twist of lemon and a stick of English rhubarb. Nicholson Gin is family. It’s generations of innovation and creativity at work. And it’s only the be-gin-ning.

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