Cocktails make life worth living. Martinis and Cosmos are the answer to celebrations, special occasions, or days when you just need to treat yourself. But if you don’t have time to go to a bar or buy the ingredients to make it yourself, then you miss the opportunity to enjoy a cocktail you so desire and deserve. Nick Wall’s company Tails Cocktails is changing that. Since it was founded in 2008, the company has made it their mission to sell premium, ‘ready to serve’ cocktails. Crafting authentic cocktails is an iconic three-part process that involves: creating and mixing each recipe, balancing and batching the premium spirits, and refining the presentation, for an imbibing experience like no other.

Tails is now raising the bar with their elite line of craft cocktails perfect for those lazy summer and soon-to-be fall evenings.  They first recommend the Berry Mojito, a delicious blend of white rum, Crème de Cassis, mint, lime Juice and soda. Next in line is the Elderflower Collins, a summery gin and tonic mixed with London dry gin, elderflower liqueur, apple Juice, lemon Juice and soda. Finally, the ever-zesty Moscow Mule makes the cut with its fiery blend of triple distilled Vodka, ginger Liqueur, bitters, Ginger beer and lime Juice. Only the finest liqueurs and spirits brands create the vibrant fresh flavors in every delightful bottle and can, sold in stores and restaurants throughout the UK. Even if you don’t live locally, it is certainly worth a trip to the UK; if only to treat yourself to a seasonal berry mojito, Amaretto Sour, or really any cocktail in Tails’ supreme collection.