Heineken wants to open your world. Since 1864 Holland’s number one brewery has championed markets worldwide.  It was actually the first international beer imported to the United States after Prohibition.  But with the launch of its new non-alcoholic lager Heineken is not only changing the color of its label—from its signature green to blue, the color associated with the alcohol free category—Heineken is changing the game. The pale lager is twice brewed and fermented but the alcohol is removed gently. A master brewer carefully blends the beer so that it still maintains its unique flavor and malty notes.

But it’s not just a beer.  Heineken 0.0 is a campaign.  A series of commercials market the non-alcoholic beer as something to be enjoyed by everyone.  Heineken 0.0 reminds you of two things: One, beer can and should be enjoyed responsibly as part of a balanced and healthy lifestyle.  And two, a beer is a beer even when the 5% alcohol content is stripped away, as long as there is someone to share it with: family, friend, stranger, or foe.  Finally, a drink all world leaders can agree upon.  Cheers!