There are specific moments in life that demand a glass of Champagne.  And there are even fewer moments—weddings, graduations and the like—that call for not just a glass of Champagne but a glass of the best, preferably in your finest crystal flute.  The first Dom Pérignon Vintage was released in 1921 and now the 2009 Vintage comes to you as if no time has passed, as the wine’s signature vibrancy and maturity prevails in each bottle. No wonder it was the official drink at Princess Diana’s wedding!

An old Russian Proverb purportedly states: “He who doesn’t risk never gets to drink Champagne.”  For the winemakers at Dom Pérignon it is far more appropriate to say instead: “He who doesn’t risk cannot make Champagne.”  Production for the 2009 Vintage was above all, a risk.  The grapes barely survived the waves of tumultuous weather, which culminated in a hailstorm right before the harvest in September.  And yet after ageing eight years, the finest selection of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes shine through in this remarkable blend. To smell and to taste is to be delightfully enthralled by the tropical zest, mostly guava and grapefruit, and the woody, wholesome aroma.  Perhaps you may be deserving of the 2009 Vintage if you have occasion to celebrate or, rather if as the Russian Proverb suggests you are inclined to risk everything for a glass of the world’s best champagne.