On the southeast shore of Murten Lake lies the medieval town of Murten, Switzerland.  In this idyllic setting, Manfred Jüni was inspired to find a way to preserve the natural color, freshness, and taste of wine and its sparkling varieties.  In 2009, his innovative idea came to fruition with the creation of zzysh®, a startup venture that is now toasted by wine and champagne enthusiasts worldwide.

Jüni’s vision was to invent a simple, effective way to stop staleness in its tracks, and the zzysh® Wine Starterset does just that.  Using uniquely patented, expert-tested technology, zzysh® replaces the air in the open wine bottle with pure argon gas, creating a protective atmosphere that preserves the original quality of the vintage for weeks after the seal has been broken.  Each set includes 1 hand piece, 1 stopper, and 1 compact, portable cartridge that can reseal up to 8 bottles.  Enjoy zzysh® risk-free for 30 days and use promo code drinkandzzysh to get 20% off full price at checkout.  Then anticipate the luxury of letting the wine flow freely without wasting a single drop.

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