Manfred Jüni grew up in the vineyards of Murten, a medieval town in western Switzerland.  Here he learned the finer points of harvesting grapevines in the tradition of his father and grandfather, an upbringing that provided the ideal background for Jüni’s later entrepreneurial ventures.  It was his intimate knowledge of the grape-growing process that revealed the need for an effective means of preserving open bottles of wine and sparkling wine.  Thus, in 2009, he invented zzysh®, an innovative method that preserves leftover wine and champagne without sacrificing the quality or integrity of the beverage.

Using uniquely patented, sommelier-tested technology, the zzysh® Champagne Starterset pressurizes the air in the open bottle of champagne with pure argon gas and CO2, creating a protective atmosphere that guards against staleness and loss of carbonation for weeks after the cork has been popped.  Each set comes with 1 compact, portable cartridge that can reseal up to 4 bottles, as well as 1 hand piece and 1 stopper. Get 20% off full price at checkout with promo code drinkandzzysh and try zzysh® risk-free for 30 days.  With zzysh®, you never have to worry about which bottle to open again.  How’s that for refreshing?

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