Sierra Antiguo Anejo is pure 100% agave, aged to deliver the perfect sip in your mouth. The expert crafters at Sierra Antiguo allow this tequila to mature in oak casks for 26 months. The result is perfect color and a wonderfully complex taste.

Tequila is meant for sipping. Enjoy the spice and fruit notes straight up or throw in some fresh limes and a triple sec for a classic margarita that will make anejo lovers rejoice. Regardless of how you serve it, drink it slowly and enjoy the work of those oak casks.

This is a tequila for serious tequila lovers. It’s not your typical bar brand tequila—it has a smooth and mellow character, with a quality bite. This taste that will keep agave lovers sipping through the night.

Just don’t try to wear the sombrero. No matter how much tequila you drink, we promise the sombrero will be too small.