Let me just start by saying, this is the most beautiful water bottle I’ve ever seen.

H2O has never looked so sexy.

Thanks to Melbourne-raised boys Jesse Leeworthy and Jonathan Byrt, who created the Memobottle, the purchasing decision behind a reusable water bottle can be just as much about style as it is about convenience and sustainable living.

It’s great that Leeworthy and Byrt coupled brilliant design with an environmentally responsible idea… An estimated 1,500 water bottle are thrown away every second. In the United States alone. That’s not a sexy fact.

And sure, there are a lot of reusable water bottles on the market today. It’s a bit of a crowded space, with many bottle producers waxing poetic about the environment and BPA-free plastic. But if creating this gorgeous, whiskey-flask-lookalike encourages hipsters to slide the Memobottle into their messenger bag behind their Macbooks as opposed to a disposable bottle, then I’m all for another option in the marketplace.