Since 1866 Jack Daniels has been bottling Tennessee spring water… with some creative improvements. Adherence to detail and their commitment to quality and craft has set Jack ahead of the pack for decades. Crafting a product that lasts for this long takes time and character, and the Jack Daniels family has plenty of both. Their well-dressed addition to the family, Gentleman Jack offers whiskey drinkers the best of what Jack does.

Crafting their own charcoal for mellowing, Gentleman Jack uses the perfect mix of corn rye and barley along with their patented slow drip through 10 feet of sugar maple charcoal, not once, but twice. Double mellowed before and after the aging process for exceptional smoothness, this extra time and effort is well worth the wait, resulting in a rich and rewarding flavor with a gentle finish. Each batch goes in colorless, comes out amber after spending time in Jack’s premium aged barrels, and adds a balanced oak flavor with notes of caramel and vanilla and almond light spice.

So, sit down with Gentleman Jack and, in the spirit of their founder, celebrate life’s extraordinary occasions with exceptional flavor.

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