Azio, an acronym for “A to Z, Input-Output”, is a company that looks to the past to create for the future. Building their company based on solidity, efficiency, and forwardness, Azio Corp strives to produce products that are aesthetically pleasing, but also easy to use. They invest in the power of design, cite the classics as inspiration, and describe themselves as “Elegantly Fierce”.

The Azio Retro Classic Vintage Keyboard accomplishes everything the company stands for. With its zinc alloy frame and leather surface, it’s easy on the eyes, and works as a fully functioning keyboard, with full key rollover. Adjustable pillars help to create the perfect wrist angle, while the keys were designed to be tactile. To illuminate the keyboard, each key is backlit with a centered LED light giving it a full and even glow. Best of all, the round key caps click when you type, completing the illusion of a vintage typewriter.

While it may look and sound like your grandparent’s typewriter, it is much more. The Azio Vintage Keyboard takes the best elements from the past and improves on them.

No typewriter ribbon needed.

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