The pop of a cork, the universal signal for freshness in wines, is sadly lacking in previously opened bottles, as is the vigor of the flavors and the liveliness that plays on the tongue, all the attributes that led to the bottle being opened in the first place. Over the years people have tried everything to keep opened bottles as fresh as possible, including expensive specialty corks, antiques silver spoons and complicated vacuum systems, before resigning to the notion that bottles either need to be drunk in their entirety in one sitting or else be placed back on the shelf. Thanks to the zzysh® Wine and zzysh® Champagne preservation systems, those wanting to enjoy a single glass of wine or sparkling wine no longer have to make that choice.

Opening the bottle of what you want, when you want it is just the first step in a short list of easy to follow directions. Swiss entrepreneur Manfred Jüni, the visionary behind the zzysh® systems, grew up around grapevines and developed a love of wine, a fascination with simplicity and respect for preservation that is showcased in this product. Simply cork the bottle with the specially designed stopper and apply the magic wand to inject the opened bottle with a purified atmosphere optimized to retain freshness for weeks or as the tagline of zzysh® promises “Again and Again.”

Not only are the instructions easy to understand, but so too is the science behind the zzysh® preservation systems. Oxidation wreaks havoc on wines, diminishing color, liveliness and flavors over time. While many products on the market work to remove the oxygen and create a vacuum, zzysh®’s canisters fully substitute the oxygen with argon for wines and argon and CO2 for sparkling wines. This addition of an inert gas forces the oxygenated air out of the bottle through the specially designed stopper and replaces it, pressurizing the bottle and holding in everything that makes wine enjoyable.

Available today, zzysh® Wine and zzysh® Champagne are the perfect additions to your home bar that not only save money and reduce wasted bottles but also insure a more gratifying drinking experience. Thanks to zzysh®, leftover bottles can still reopen with a pop and taste as good as they sound.

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