You’ve got the bar, the liquor, and the highball glasses. You’ve even memorized the cocktail recipes word for word, ingredient for ingredient. But, when you go to add ice, you have to use tiny, run of the mill refrigerator ice. Sure, it comes from an ice dispenser, but that’s not going to impress your guests; it melts instantly. That high quality bourbon isn’t supposed to taste watered down. You aren’t paying for top shelf liquor only to essentially just mix it with water. Drink ruined. But more importantly, night ruined.

Giant Ice wants to help you and your party out. Their ice is long lasting and turns your basement bar into a swinging speakeasy instantly. The name says it all, their giant ice cubes measure up to 4 inches and keep your drink cold without diluting the taste. The ice melts slower and gives you more time to enjoy your cocktail how it was meant to be imbibed. Each Giant Ice order includes their signature cubes and their sphere ice trays that produce an ice ball that works just as well as the cube. The silicone trays do not crack like typical plastic ice trays and are dishwasher safe. There’s no need to thank Giant Ice, they’re just doing their job, saving one party at a time.