Love the flavor of hops but want a change from the dizzying selection of IPAs that has flooded the beer market? Well, next time you’re in the store switch aisles and try something off the well beaten craft beer path.

Greenbar Distillery, a rising organic distillery based in the City of Angels, has captured the spicy, citrusy hop flavor that beer drinkers love, and bottled it in an American style amaro. This new and innovative take on an old-world spirit combines three different kinds of hops—Bravo, Citra, and Simcoe—with flavors like pineapple, guava and grapefruit oozing out of the bottle.GRANDHOPSAmaro drink me Greenbar Campaign

So, what does it taste like? Close your eyes, take a deep breath and sip – you’ll experience a sweet and earthy undertone that really strikes a chord with Amaro lovers. This unusual bitter liqueur is loaded with unique flavor and therefore can be used in many distinctive ways. Try adding it to your soda, lemonade, spiced rum, tequila, or you could even create your own signature drink that is sure to impress IPA and cocktail lovers alike.GRANDHOPSAmaro 2 drink me Greenbar Campaign

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